Nearly 900 women riders lined up for LGG's first Parade of Sisters in Beaumont, TX in 2016. The memories of this parade will be special forever: sisters from all over the country and as far as Germany and Australia converged on the Jack Brooks Regional Airport to be counted. An electric atmosphere filled with friendship, excitement, expectation, and sisterhood hugged each sister as the count was in progress. SO close... yet SO far!

LGG2021's Parade of Sisters promises to be awesome! We are going to have a ball at the staging area with a carnival atmosphere, food trucks, local news crews and more.

This year, we extend a warm invitation to women's motorcycle and riding clubs all over the US and the world. Register your members for the Parade of Sisters and proudly present your colors and chapters. Wear your cuts with pride and introduce your clubs to a diverse group of sisters. E-mail ride@lacegraceandgears.org once your club has registered. You will receive instructions on how to ensure that your members stage together in the lineup. 

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